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At Foenix Scholar, we offer 'Excellence as a Service'. Our services focus on partnering with you to give you bespoke and excellent academic results, fully customized to your dream grades. We deliver custom-written assignments that set you apart from the rest. We deliver submission-ready dissertation and thesis research papers using all types of paper formatting and citation styles. We deliver tailored, error-free and original essays on any given topic. We are here to assist you academically in anyway possible. Broadly, we offer:


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Research begins with an idea. But is not just any idea; it is an idea that requires rigorous intellectual process, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, planning and hard work. We understand that some of the challenges researchers face include difficulty choosing a topic, lack of good knowledge of required methodology, inability of finding relevant references and analysis of data to substantiate their idea. At Foenix Scholar, we take care of the challenges by providing a range of services that transform research into a rewarding scholarship.

A dissertation gives the opportunity to evolve from being a student to a scholar. We understand that a dissertation is more than a unique topic, it is your shot at contributing a unique perspective to universal body of knowledge. From choosing a topic, to creating an effective timeline to sourcing for reference materials, we walk with you on this life-changing journey. We begin our dissertation writing service by asking you the tough questions and helping to see how your idea begins the next disruption in scholarship.

An essay gives a student the opportunity to tell a story in a unique way drawing on personal or referenced resources. While essays explore the writer’s perspective, different types of essays influence how the writer presents the story. Whether writing an exposition, an argumentation, a description or narration, we help students explore an idea, propose an argument or a position, creatively describe an experience or tell a compelling story from a personal point of view. With Foenix Scholar, we don’t just write an essay, we amplify your message in your voice.

Research has shown that public speaking is one of the top fears many people face. We understand that public speaking requires skills, exposure and experience to be able to connect with the audience. We work with our clients to understand their audience, the message and help them develop their voice as we create a speech that combines the power of logos, ethos and pathos to deliver a message that moves the audience to actionable results.

Writing a case study requires specialized skill sets to meet the requirements of an intensive, systematic investigation about the subject of interest. Our approach to case study writing combines in-depth knowledge of the subject of interest, analysis of several variables and inferential data to extending the outcome of the study to better understand social phenomena.

A good presentation goes beyond fancy use of PowerPoint or other applications to talk about your idea to an audience. Effective presentation requires good understanding of your audience, mastery of the content, presentation of the message in a compelling way to engage your audience and excellent visual and oral delivery. We understand that a well-designed presentation demonstrates professionalism, confidence and reinforces an image of an expert. At Foenix Scholar, we combine subject matter expertise, audience analysis, content and digital strategy to bring your ideas and message to your audience by creating lasting favorable memory of your presentation. To us, we strongly believe that a picture is as powerful as a thousand words, why not make both memorable – and this is what we do best!

Academic writing requires paying attention to technical details, such as proper citation and referencing. Improper citation and referencing have been associated with one of the leading causes of plagiarism. We have expert understanding of different citation and referencing styles such as MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc. We have helped students overcome their challenges with proper referencing and continue to deliver excellent results to students at several universities in UK, US, Canada, Nigeria, etc.

The difference between a great paper and a good one lies in effective editing & proofreading. Editing focuses on organization, structure and quality of content, while proofreading is concerned with writing errors, grammar and language use. When we edit and proofread your content, we work with you to enhance the clarity of idea and effectiveness of your delivery. We put the glow on your stars.

Our approach to academic support services uniquely focuses on each success partner. We don’t see out partners as students alone, we treat our relationship as mutually symbiotic – a success story intricately interwoven with no room for errors or omission. The first thing we do is to understand the uniqueness of each success partner, such as their academic goals, writing type, institutional requirements and other challenges they have. We provide an array of proven solutions and empower success partners to make informed choices that improve on their grades and overall quality of life. Getting good grades is just one of the things we do, we also empower the students to be confident to stand by their works – of which we are privileged to be their success partners. Get in touch with us as we build a success story together!

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